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Santi / Splash News 1 / 10

Kirstie Alley seems to have pulled a passive aggressive move to convey her feeling toward former Scientologist Leah Remini's interview with ABC's "20/20," which aired on Friday night.

Mere hours after Leah's bombshell interview, Kirstie, who is a vocal member of the Church of Scientology, took to Twitter to seemingly voice her discontent over the interview. The "Cheers" actress retweeted a post from fellow Scientologist Jenna Elfman that appeared to be aimed at the 45-year-old TV actress.

Jenna wrote, "What is important to me? I give a damn about making the world a better place. I care about seeing others smile with genuine happiness. I think the world needs more of that. I'm not interested in sensationalism. I'm interested in seeing other people do well. And spreading kindness, warmth and sincerity. I never forget to appreciate the absurd. And I find it uplifting to admire what's right in others. I also find it pleasurable to be totally ridiculous. xo Jenna."

While Kirstie has kept her lips sealed about her opinions over Leah's "20/20""interview, the "Look Who's Talking" star has expressed her opinion on Leah's departure from the church in the past.

In January, Kirstie told Howard Stern, "She left the religion and she was very critical. That's just sort of water under the bridge. There's nothing going on and there was nothing going on for years." She continued, "I didn't shun her, but if a lot of people are rejecting you, at some point you gotta ask, 'What am I doing?' I mean, that's what I would have asked myself."

Kirstie also said her comments on the religion were "bulls--t" and also called her a "bigot."

Leah left the church in 2013 after being a member for 30 years. At the time, "The King of Queens" actress said her decision to leave the controversial religion cost her friendships that she'd had for decades.