Lady Gaga isn't the first celeb to come out with their own fragrance, but she can certainly claim the crown for having the most over-the-top masquerade ball-themed launch party!

The 26-year-old singer celebrated the release of her perfume, FAME, at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC on Thursday. Gaga arrived to her event in style in a convertible Rolls Royce wearing a gold crown and black Prabul Gurung dress.

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One inside, the "Born This Way" singer continued the spectacle by sleeping inside a giant replica of her perfume bottle. Guests could walk by and touch her while she slept through a small hole. When Gaga awoke nearly an hour later, she got a new tattoo on the back of her shaved head: the image of a winged cherub.

"Tonight's piece is called 'Sleeping with Gaga,' " she tweeted to her Little Monsters.

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In attendance to witness the spectacle were such celebs as Gaga's pal Lindsay Lohan, Yoko Ono, Paris Hilton, Marc Jacobs, Michael Strahan and others. In addition to the live show, Gaga shared a short film directed by Steven Klein to promote FAME. The video features a naked statue of Gaga being guarded by an army of nearly naked men. 

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Gaga told Good Morning America in a Thursday interview, "I wanted it to be a very slutty perfume. Because that is sort of the addictive nature of fame that it is, it is seductive."

"What I like about it for me is I love the smell of apricot . . . And I love the belladonna smell because it has a dangerous sort of muskiness to it. It's a plant that can kill you, but also smells quite delicious," she explained. "And I also really love the honey drops. These are all just things that I really like to eat also. They're things that I would eat during sex as well as wear, if that makes any sense."

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