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Just how taxing is it to get touchy-feely with Kate Hudson? New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez spent Friday and Saturday warming the bench against the Florida Marlins due to "fatigue," but he seemed to have plenty of energy to hit the Miami club scene with the actress.

After Friday's game, the "somewhat serious" squeezes surfaced at the Fontainebleau Hotel, the site of their first recorded flirting episode back in November, when A-Rod, then linked to Madonna, eyeballed Hudson and supposedly remarked to a pal, "That's trouble."

A spy tells the Miami Herald that Kate and Alex were "all over each other" at the hotel's sushi joint, "sucking face for like an hour without coming up for air."

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Hudson, who is mom to 5-year-old Ryder, was supposedly acting like "an out-of-control teenager, giving A-Rod what seemed to be a lap dance."

But a People magazine operative puts a tamer spin on the apparent smooch-fest, recalling, "They were affectionate with each other and very cute."

The pair exited the Fontainebleau separately a little after 2 a.m., according to Page2Live, which says a chauffeur removed a baby seat from the backseat of a Maybach and put it in the trunk just before Kate emerged. Rodriguez appeared about 15 minutes later and joined her in the luxury vehicle.

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"They were acting like no one was figuring out what was going on," says an eyewitness.

On the plus side, A-Rod broke his 0-16 streak on Sunday night with a two-run single, so maybe that lap dance did the delayed trick (or at least that's what he'll probably tell Kate in order to persuade her to bump and grind before every game).

Hudson and Rodriguez weren't the only ones joined at the lips in Miami Beach over the weekend. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long also made a quick stop in town, just days after they were spotted getting their indie groove on at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

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The Miami Herald reports the back-on duo took in the Yankees-Marlins game on Saturday before heading to a Humane Society bash, where a bystander says the actress "was acting all theatrical, while joking around with a bunch of her gay friends." In between, Drew and Justin apparently found a lounge chair in a quiet corner in which to tongue wrestle.

On Sunday, they returned for another matchup at Land Shark Stadium decked out in Marlins gear, complete with matching jerseys and a shark head. Paparazzi later caught them at the airport unloading their luggage from an RV onto a private jet, with Barrymore grabbing a quick bike ride around the tarmac prior to takeoff.

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