Apparently nobody informed Lily Allen that one of the perks of being famous is the ability to hook-up with pretty much anyone you want at any given time with almost no "game" required.

The "Smile" singer recently revealed to NYLON, "I got really drunk and lied to (ex-boyfriend Seb Chew). I said, 'I've lost my keys and I can't wake my mom up, can I stay on your sofa?' and he was like, 'Yeah, OK.' He went to go and brush his teeth, and I literally just took off all my clothes and jumped into his bed and pretended to be asleep. That's how I got together with (ex-boyfriend Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers). That's the only way I can ever get together with people!"

That's a pretty complicated ploy for a celebrity with a busy schedule. Going forward, we think the currently single pop star ought to try a much simpler approach. Just saying, "Brilliant trainers, shall we shag?" should suffice. If not, watching a few episodes of "The Pick-Up Artist" on VH1 will likely increase her seduction speed (and maybe even score her a stripper).