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By Paige Ferrari

What was the secret to Marilyn Monroe's famous curves? Perhaps a little help from an early edition wonder-bra, which sold at auction over the weekend for $5,200.

VIDEO: Marilyn Monroe's bra sells at auction

The cream-colored bra, which Marilyn wore in movies in the late 1950s, had a unique double cup design and two sets of straps. The better, auctioneer Richard Davie said, to make Marilyn's decolletage seem "more ample than it actually was."

The bra was among other items of Marilyn's at auction, including a fur stole, her personal copy of the "Some Like It Hot" script, and a phone bill. The winning bid for the legendary undergarment was phoned in by an unidentified buyer from Hong Kong.

The high going price for this intimate artifact seems a testament to the ongoing power of the Marilyn Monroe mystique. (Hey, Hollywood starlets can't seem to stop imitating her.)

We look forward to 40 years from now, when Heidi Montag's hair extensions, Jessica Simpson's mom jeans, Megan Fox's original nose, and other pieces of our modern-day sex symbols inevitably go on the block.

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