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@marisamiller / Instagram 1 / 5

Marisa Miller is about to have another man in her life.

The model, who is halfway through her second pregnancy, showed off her progress on Instagram on Jan. 21, posting a selfie with her growing baby bump. And she told People.com that her newest addition will be a baby boy.

Marisa and her husband, Griffin Guess, already have one child together, 2-year-old Gavin Lee.

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"It will be awesome for Gavin to have a buddy," she told the magazine. "I never had brothers so raising a boy has been awesome. Gavin is so funny and I get to be silly all day with him."

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In her Instagram caption, Marisa said the pregnancy was a healthy one. But it wasn't easy to begin with.

"I was really nauseous and could only handle eating bagels," she said. "Right now, I'm feeing great!"

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Now, she eats healthy and does Pilates three times a week.

"This pregnancy has been very different because I'm also chasing around a toddler, so you can't really lay down if you feel sick or tired," she explains. "But I also feel a lot less anxious about what's to come."