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If you think Matthew Fox looks sexy as Picasso, the chiseled but gaunt and sinewy villain in upcoming thriller "Alex Cross," you might want to tell his family.

"My daughter, who's 15, said to me, 'You're kind of looking hideous, Dad.'"

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Fox's daughter isn't the one who gave him hell for his movie physique, for which he had to lose 40 pounds.

"My mother's Italian, and she is also a mother, so when I started losing all the weight, and she would see me -- she lives in the same town [as I do] and I see her often -- it was really hard for her," he says. "Every time she'd see me, she would take a gasp and say, 'Oh my God, can I feed you?"

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After five months of intense, extreme circuit training and an ultra-restrictive diet, Fox was more than ready for to devour his Venetian-born wife Margherita Ronchi's delicacies.

"When we were done shooting, I was emotionally spent," admits Fox. "I was pretty beat, and the last few days I remember thinking, 'I can't wait to get to the end of this and eat some high-carbohydrate foods. Getting back home and just eating regularly was fantastic."

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So what was he most excited to dive into?

"My wife's a fantastic cook," says Fox. "She makes a particularly good lasagna. She does the béchamel sauce and layers it with peas and meat, and I think it's just the best lasagna in the world."