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By Melissa Hunter

From her stardom-inducing role as the saucy Jackie Burkhart in "That '70s Show" to voicing awkward Meg Griffin on this little show called "Family Guy," 25-year old Mila Kunis could probably go into early syndicated retirement. But not this actress. Her career continues to jump leaps and bounds, from the Apatow hit "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" to the upcoming Bateman comedy "Extract."

Details magazine interviews Mila in their September issue (on newsstands Sept. 8th). You can read the full interview on Details' Web site. And the funny, crushable girl isn't afraid of taking the leap into leading lady land. Just two words of advice if you ever meet Mila: DO talk about video games. DON'T talk about Ashton Kutcher.

On not being amused by "That '70's Show" references:

"Yesterday, a woman asked me, 'So! Was Ashton a prankster on set?' I went, 'Oh my God. For real?' That's when I know the interview's going sour -- when they ask me what it was like kissing Kutcher. The show's been off the air for four years. It's just no longer cute or funny."

Kunis on an upcoming completely non-politically correct bit on "Family Guy":

"I'm going to hell so fast. Like, on an escalator. It's going to be a straight shot. There's not even going to be a stop in limbo."

Speaking of "Family Guy," creator Seth MacFarlane even chimed in and told Details about Mila's rather famous voice ... basically Fran Drescher minus ten notches of shrill.

MacFarlane on Kunis' million-dollar vocal cords:

"There's no question that if you're standing next to a jet engine and having a conversation with Mila Kunis, you'll be able to hear her just fine."

On being addicted to World of Warcraft (i.e. being the girl of every computer nerd's dreams):

"I'd be like, 'Okay, are we done yet? Because I've gotta go home. Like I really gotta go.'"

I think she just locked down the gamer fan base. Combine that with the Apatow disciples, and she's got every inner (or outer) geek totally smitten.


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