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Does Miley Cyrus kiss-and-tell? Yes! The tween sensation revealed the intimate details of her first kiss with new boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to Jay Leno.

"It was on the first day of filming in the movie," Miley says. "We had this scene where we frolic in the water," she adds, putting air-quotes around the world frolic -- a term she and Jay both comically illustrate by flailing their arms and giggling.

"So I frolic very well apparently and after that I got to keep him," she says.

Of the scene, Miley says she was totally into it. "When the director starts going 'kiss her, kiss her!' I like jumped," she tells Jay. "I'm like, I love this. I can do this for three more months, for sure."

The film, 'The Last Song,' brought out the whole Cyrus crew at the red carpet premiere last night and is in theaters March 31.

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