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John Schulli / Promotional 1 / 4

By Dana Flax

Partying? Always fun. But partying and doing good at the same time? Now that's a truly effective way to spend your personal partying time.

On Thursday night, Molly Sims, Shannon Elizabeth and Poppy Montgomery of "Without a Trace" attended the nonprofit Friends of El Faro's annual gala event at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. Attendees sipped on champy and bid on auction items donated by such kind-hearted folks as John Mayer, with all proceeds benefiting the children of the Tijuana Casa Hogar Sion orphanage. Wonderwall did a little hobnobbing with the stars at the event; read on to see highlights from our swanky cocktail conversations.

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Now, not everyone in Hollywood finds that they need a reason to party, but we chatted with event co-host Molly Sims to hear why supporting this cause is so important to her.

"It's heartbreaking -- you can't imagine," she said of her experiences visiting the Tijuana orphanage. "When you hear they're not going to get dinner tonight because they don't have enough money, that's difficult."

But have her orphanage visits filled her with the warm and fuzzy inspiration to adopt?

"Yeah, totally. Absolutely! I definitely want children of my own, but I will definitely adopt."

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With all the talk of tiny babies in the air, we asked new mom (to 2-year-old Jackson) Poppy Montgomery what she thought of the unusual baby names that seem to resonate with celeb parents as of late.

"Well, my parents named me Poppy Petal, so I'm not really one to judge," she said. "And my brother's name is Jethro Tull."

Besides her goodwill trips down to the Tijuana Casa Hogar Sion, Poppy told us about some of her other favorite memories of Mexico.

"I love Mexico!" she declared. "My husband [actor Adam Kaufman] and I actually met down there working on a movie in Tijuana. It was romance in TJ!"

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Shannon Elizabeth also told us about some merry times in Mexico (in addition to her trips to the orphanage). Well, she thinks they were merry, at least.

"Yeah, I don't remember a lot of them!" she admitted of her vacations during her younger days. "I wasn't supposed to go down there [during] my senior year, but that's exactly what my friends and I did.

"It wasn't until about the fifth or sixth night that I realized it cost money to come back across the border. I was so drunk every night I didn't even know!"

Ay caramba! Glad to see you made it back in one piece, Shannon.

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