You can't judge a book by its cover - nor can you judge Pete Doherty's English country mansion until you get the fully-guided insider tour.

The Babyshambles rocker recently invited MTV's cameras into his sprawling bachelor pad for a "day in the life" documentary. It quickly became clear why his supermodel ex Kate Moss broke things off: Doherty is actually a senile cat lady disguised as a Cockneyed frat dude with a compulsive hoarding disorder. Check out the least shocking footage ever.

A few of our favorite Doherty home decor accents:

-the dart board on his bedroom door

-the Union Jack flag in the window

-the busted lamp

-the piles of laundry in lieu of throw pillows on the couch

-the broken mannequin "sculpture" on the floor

-the taxidermy egret

-the red nursery wallpaper featuring miniature giraffes

Jonathan Adler had better watch his back!