Pia Zadora is very serious about her beauty rest. The former Broadway star, who was arrested on charges of domestic battery and coercion at her Las Vegas home on Saturday, June 1, reportedly flew into a rage against her teenage son over his curfew -- because it was affecting her own quiet time. 

According to a police report released on Monday, June 3, the 61-year-old entertainer was trying to get her 16-year-old son, Jordan, to go to bed around 11 p.m. on Saturday when the argument broke out.

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"Jordan said he told his mom he wanted to stay outside and talk because it was a weekend night," the police report said, according to CNN. Zadora --who had been drinking alcohol earlier in the night with her husband, Las Vegas Police Det. Michael Jeffries -- then became "upset and angry" and "got the hose and started squirting everyone, insisting that Jordan go to bed and Mike Jr. [Jeffries' son] leave," the report continues.

When Jeffries and her 32-year-old stepson Mike Jr. attempted to intervene and stop Zadora's erratic behavior, however, the actress scratched at her husband's face and even punched her stepson.

The argument and physical fight continued on throughout the night, and several hours later, at 4:30 a.m., Zadora and Jordan "wrestled" over his cell phone as he attempted to call the police.

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"Pia then grabbed him from behind around his head, grabbing his eyes and face, leaving a scratch on his left ear," the police report said. "Jordan got away and Pia came up and again grabbed him from behind encircling his neck in the process."

Jordan did manage to get through to the police, however, and told the dispatcher that "his mother was going crazy and her hands were around his neck," according to the police report.

When authorities finally arrived at the residence, an hours-long standoff ensued.

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Two police officers were finally able to find a way into the home through an unlocked back door, and called out for the individuals inside to "come out with your hands up."

After exchanging words with an unidentified male from inside the house, the officers retreated and a SWAT team was called onto the scene. After several hours -- during which Zadora was sleeping, according to the police report -- the actress called 911 and the operators told her to step outside, where she was summarily arrested.

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The singer-actress was taken to the Clark County Detention Center and soon released after posting the $4,000 bail.

She later told police officers that she did not initially come out of her home when ordered to do so because she assumed her husband "would take care of it."

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