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Peppy television host Rachael Ray has been dealing with a family crisis - her beloved dog Isaboo has been attacking dogs while out on walks and she fears he may have to be put to sleep.

Isaboo is the pit bull that has appeared on her show and whom she calls her "baby," but the dog has had five incidents of violence with other dogs. The brown and white dog becomes aggressive even when on a leash and being walked by a dog handler.

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The latest incident with her dog occurred in early February in New York City when Isaboo lashed out and ripped off another dog's ear! According to an exclusive report in the National Enquirer, the dogs and their handlers were walking by each other in Greenwich Village when the attack occurred. "As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog's ear off before its handler could pull it away."

The good news is that a vet was reportedly able to save some of the dog's ear, but the bad news is Rachael is devastated by her dog's aggressive behavior which may escalate causing Isaboo to harm another dog, child or adult.

Rachael's husband, attorney John Cusimano, immediately contacted the owners of the dog Isaboo attacked, and offered to pay for all the medical bills and any additional costs incurred from the incident.

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Isaboo was in a fight with another dog three years ago, and when Rachael intervened she received a painful gash on her hand. After this latest incident a source said "Rachael calls Isaboo her baby,' but after the latest dog fight, she's living in fear that her pet will have to be put down."

The dog's owner refused to confirm or deny the incident to RadarOnline.com.

Rachael and John are considering using a muzzle on the dog and getting additional training for their pit bull. "While she loves the dog, she can't help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person," said the source.

The talk show host is said to be "grief-stricken" about the fight and the future of her pet pooch.

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