Despite an alarmingly thin frame, A-list stylist Rachel Zoe insists she doesn't have an eating disorder.

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But Zoe - who attended the Beverly Hills Rimowa store opening Tuesday - tells E! News, "I'm here. I'm fine. I feel great, and I'm good."

Dr. Fred Pescatore, author of The Hamptons Diet, estimates the 5-foot-1 Zoe weighs just 80 pounds. A Zoe pal is not surprised, telling UsMagazine.com: "She's obsessed with being skinny. She never eats. If she does, it's fat-free."

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But Zoe calls all the chatter "silly."

"I'm going to go and eat dinner after this," she tells E!.

Zoe has long slammed eating disorder rumors. She told Harper's Bazaar last year that she doesn't get why so many people give her a hard time.

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"We've had Audrey Hepburn, we've had Twiggy, we've had Veruschka, we've had Kate Moss," she said. "I'm trying to figure out why I am to blame for skinniness.

"Truthfully, I've never seen myself as being too thin," she added. "Sometimes I'll look at photos and be like, 'Oh, that's not a good look.' But generally speaking, I'm not too thin."

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