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Rick Ross has urged his fellow stars to stop picking on the paparazzi, advising celebrities to give snappers a "free photoshoot."

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The rapper is baffled by the behavior of many of his showbiz pals who insist on pushing photographers out of the way, verbally abusing them, or trying to hide from their cameras.

He is adamant stars have a duty to treat snappers with respect, and he is urging those in the public eye to give the paparazzi some help instead of being difficult.

Ross tells British newspaper The Guardian, "What you do is you don't fight it. You go out, wearing your nice pea coat and you say, 'Get this angle. ... Now go over there.' You know, give the guy some art direction. Then when they think about it later, they'll be like, 'Hold up, I just did a free photoshoot! Yes you did! Now come along.' Don't fight them, use them [expletive]."

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