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Rihanna has finally put her trouble-plagued Pacific Palisades, Calif., mansion on the market five months after reportedly relocating to New York.

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The "Diamonds" hitmaker moved into what she thought was her dream home in December, 2012, but the place quickly became a living hell following a series of break-ins and burglaries.

Her former home is now on sale for a little under $15 million, according to real estate site

Rihanna has nothing but bad memories of her time at the estate - she was granted a permanent restraining order against a man accused of breaking into the pad in September.

Jonathan Whooper was charged with attempted burglary, vandalism and stalking after he was identified as the suspect who threw a chair through a glass door at the Pacific Palisades mansion to gain access.

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Rihanna moved out of the home, which boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, in October and reportedly relocated to New York, where she now lives in a Soho penthouse in Manhattan.