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Robert Pattinson's role-required makeout session with Emilie de Ravin last week on the New York set of "Remember Me" has, as expected, led to rumblings of a potential hookup. claims the co-stars looked "cozy" during a recent night out with pals at Soho House in Manhattan. "More than once, they left the others and retired to a private 'smoking room,'" says a source, who makes the logical leap from nicotine fix to flirting. "There's real chemistry between the two -- in front of the camera and off." Uh-huh. Expect the next crop of tabloids to trumpet Pattinson's purported "love triangle" with soon-to-be divorced Emilie and his "Twilight" leading lady -- and rumored honey -- Kristen Stewart.

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It seems not even a sternly worded text message can keep Lindsay Lohan away from Samantha Ronson. People magazine reports the lost-her-way starlet started boo-hooing when no one answered the door at her intermittent inamorata's Los Angeles house around 1 a.m. Saturday morning. Turns out Ronson wasn't home, but when she did get back, she supposedly asked the waiting paparazzi to keep their bologna holes shut about her whereabouts. No such luck. Lohan returned around 2:30 a.m. and knocked on the door as the shutterbugs taunted her on camera (one even asked if Samantha was "mad" at her because she spent the previous night with Ryan Seacrest -- the two are cooking up a reality show, which, thankfully, won't involve the onetime actress' seemingly stalker-y current state). "Open the [bleeping] door," Lindsay was overheard saying. "Samantha, don't do this. Open the [bleeping] door." Ronson, who needs to work on shoring up her resolve, eventually relented.

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Speaking of dysfunction ... When you're dating Kate Moss, it's apparently important to always back up your data. The London Daily Mirror alleges the maturing supermodel recently drowned rocker-beau Jamie Hince's computer and other personal items during a hissy fit. "Kate and Jamie were having a romantic weekend [at her English country estate] when things spiraled out of control," recounts a source. "They started bickering out of nowhere and the row quickly escalated. She stalked off outside and, before he had a chance to react, Kate grabbed his bag and hurled it into the pool. Unfortunately, it contained his laptop, BlackBerry and personal diary." The paper says there were a half a dozen new Kills songs on the laptop, which Hince had yet to save elsewhere. Word is, the tunes are history, along with the phone. "Jamie was absolutely livid and kept yelling, 'Why would you do such a [bleeping] stupid thing?! You're acting like a fishwife!'" But they later "kissed and made up," with Moss allegedly offering to get Hince a new computer (we suggest that she spring for a waterproof external hard drive, too).

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In more inspiring romance news, Bono admits he needs wife Ali a lot more than she needs him. "Our relationship has changed a lot. For a while I thought I was in charge, I was the hunter-protector," the world-saving U2 front man tells the London Times of his spouse of 27 years, with whom he has four children. "A few years ago it became clear somebody else was in charge, and I feel I hold on a lot tighter to her than she does to me, and that slightly bothers me. She's so independent and I sometimes wish she wasn't."

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