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Rosie O'Donnell's adopted daughter said "everything is fine" now that she is living as an adult in Wisconsin with her birth mother.

Chelsea was spotted outside her birth mother's home smoking a cigarette less than a week after leaving Rosie's New York home.

"Everything is fine," she matter-of-factly told Daily Mail.

Ever since Chelsea went missing for a several days earlier this month, it's been reported that she was mentally ill. While searching for Chelsea, Rosie, herself, went to social media to claim that her adopted daughter was off of her meds.

She was later found in the home of a man she met on the dating app Tinder.

But, despite the tweets and news reports, Chelsea's biological mother, Deanna Micoley, denied that there is anything unstable about her birth daughter. "There's nothing wrong with her. She's out with family right now and she's great," Deanna said, adding that Chelsea "didn't want any more attention after everything with Rosie saying that she had a mental illness."

Last week, the Daily Mail spoke to Deanna and she even expressed doubts about her daughter's reported mental health. "I would just shake my head at Rosie at this point," she said. "I don't think Chelsea has mental illness and I don't think medication is something that she definitely needs."

She also said that it was always Chelsea's intention to be with her.

"In Rosie's blogs she's written about Chelsea asking for her 'tummy mummy' when she was just four," she said. "I'm grateful that Rosie told her about me at least. It was a one-way street -- I didn't know anything about her -- but she's always wanted me."

Now that Chelsea has legally moved away, Rosie has reportedly already cut off all financial support. TMZ is reporting that the host is also withholding Chelsea's birth certificate and social security card.