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By Wonderwall Editors

If the sight of Brad Pitt's crush-worthy features speeding around on a motorcycle makes you worry like an overprotective mother, rest assured that the chiseled father of six has his well-being in mind when he takes to the open road.

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While visiting fiancee Angelina Jolie in the U.K. last month, Pitt treated himself to a little shopping trip at the motorcycle stores in the London suburb of Ruislip, according to People.

On May 30, the motorcycle aficionado stopped by HGB Motorcycles, where store manager David Connell said Pitt picked up a crash helmet, a pair of gloves and a back protector. He also made somewhat of an impression with the shop's employees.

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"One of [Brad's] security men came in and said, 'There will be someone famous walking into your shop,'" Connell recounted to People. "Then the door opened and Brad Pitt walked into the store!"

"We had a nice chat and he came across as very friendly," Connell added. "He is obviously keen on his bikes and has been riding them since he was young."

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While he was in the neighborhood, the 48-year-old actor also checked out Daytona Motorcycles, where he bought another item that would keep him safe and sound on his chopper -- an armored shirt.

"He was a top bloke," a staffer at Daytona told the magazine. "It was just like talking to an ordinary customer."

Pitt and Jolie have been spending time in the London area while Jolie shoots her next film, "Maleficent."