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Peter Kramer / NBC 1 / 10

Sarah Palin has been asked many questions over the years, but none as "stupid" as the one posed by a TMZ cameraman on Nov. 11

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The politico, in town for a one-on-one Today show interview with Matt Lauer on Nov. 11 to discuss her new book, was interviewed outside Rockefeller Center in New York when the offending question was posed: "Do you think Levi [Johnston] should have custody of the baby?" the cameraman inquired -- a question that actually stopped Palin dead in her tracks. "What?" she retorted.

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"Don't listen to him," her publicist advised. He then repeated the question, to which the Palin family matriarch responded, "That is the stupidest question I've ever heard!" As previously reported by Us Weekly, 23-year-old Johnston, the former on-and-off again fiance of Bristol Palin, recently filed a petition seeking equal custody of their 4-year-old son Tripp.

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"Yeah deadbeat dads, more power to 'em," said the one-time vice-presidential candidate, 49, on Monday as she rolled her eyes and entered the building. "Get a clue," she suggested. Johnston, now married to Sunny Oglesby, with whom he has a 12-month-old daughter, allegedly owes over $66,000 in child support as of Oct. 15.


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