Tony Goldwyn's wife may not want to watch his sex scenes with Kerry Washington on Scandal, but Scott Foley's wife has no such hangups about her husband's steamy onscreen romps. Us Weekly caught up with Foley -- who plays romantic foil Jake Ballard on the hit ABC drama -- at the May 16 season 2 finale table read in North Hollywood, where he dished about the awkward experience of watching the show with his wife of nearly six years, Marika Dominczyk.

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"The first time Olivia and Jake had a sex scene, we all got together on the weekend to watch the episode, and Kerry was there. The whole cast was there, and I brought my wife," the 40-year-old actor recalled. "There was sort of a hush after that scene. Everyone was quiet; no one knew what to do."

Dominczyk was the first to speak. "My wife said, 'Why don't you bring some of that home?'" Foley joked. "I was like, 'What is wrong with you?!'"

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"I wish I could say she's more like Tony's wife," he quipped, referring to his costar's claims that wife Jane Musky doesn't want to watch his love scenes with Washington. "I wish I could say I was more like Tony!"

To be fair, Goldwyn's onscreen romps with Washington happen far more frequently (and are generally more intense) than Foley's. "It's a problem," the 52-year-old star recently joked in response to a fan's question about what Musky thinks of his sizzling chemistry with Washington. "The honest answer is, my wife doesn't watch it. She watched the pilot and thought it was great, but yeah...I don't encourage it."

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He insists, though, that she's very supportive of the show in other ways. "It's hilarious," he told Us at the season 2 finale event. "The reality is, we're all super grateful. It's been a fun ride for my family. My kids are big fans, and my wife's so cool -- she's in the business, so she gets it. She's thrilled for me."

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