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By Brenda Rodriguez, with reporting by Mary S. Park

There's a little guy who Sheryl Crow never travels without: her 2-year-old son, Wyatt. In fact, the twosome just got back from Japan, where Crow was touring. "He's a great little traveler," she says proudly. We caught up with the singer at the 2010 World Water Day Celebration Concert in New York City on Monday where she talked about balancing motherhood with work, how she's teaching Wyatt about water conservation and what body part she's self conscious about.

How do you balance having a son with work?

Sheryl Crow: He's my priority, obviously. My mornings with him are sacred. You guys weren't here for soundcheck, but he comes with me everywhere I go. When he's not with his playgroup, he's at soundcheck. He and I just got back from Japan. We were on tour there, so we're all suffering from jet lag but he's a great little traveler and I'm lucky at this age that I can do that.

Is there anything you always bring when you're traveling?

SC: Popcorn. He loves popcorn.

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What do you want your son to know about water conservation?

SC: Right now, we're starting with the toilet. It's just so much fun for him to flush the toilet, so um, he's two and a half. It's like turning the lights on and off. That's the funnest thing ever. So, I'm going to raise him like my parents raised me. You want to leave the campground more beautiful than how you found it and we don't waste things. These are phrases I grew up with my parents. You don't leave the lights on in the room you're not in.

What motivated you to get involved in this campaign?

SC: For me, environmentalism is the umbrella under which everything falls. If the planet isn't healthy, we're on our way out.

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By the way, you're really good friends with Jennifer Aniston. What's the best thing about being friends with her?

SC: Oh wow. Well, she's great -- and funny!

We wanted to know about your fitness routine. Can you tell us how you stay in shape?

SC: I lift a 30 pound 2 1/2-year-old every day, all day long, and I run!

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What's your philosophy about staying healthy?

SC: Plenty of sleep, a lot of water, eat healthy, eat clean.

Can you give us a sample breakfast, lunch, dinner?

SC: Fiber one with blueberries, a little bit of cinnamon for Breakfast. I eat fish every day, one meal or another, and a lot of green vegetables.

Is there any body part you're self conscious about?

SC: Oh gosh. All of it! All of it!