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In an interview this week with ABC's "Nightline," "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer at age 28.

In 2000, Vergara was told that she had thyroid cancer. Having already experienced her older brother's murder in Colombia and her younger brother's drug addiction, the cancer news was quite possibly the worst news she could hear.

When she found out, she immediately thought: "What are you talking about? You always think, 'death.' You don't -- that's all you think when they tell you that."

When she was diagnosed, she "never felt sick," which made it even more difficult. Sofia went through operations and treatments and said, "It's a nightmare, because you're feeling healthy."

She told Health.com that she went through radiation treatment to beat the cancer, pushing through it with the optimistic attitude she's become famous for. She always tells herself, "Let's keep going." And she has. Along the way, the Emmy-nominated beauty has been linked to several famous Hollywood hunks, including Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg and Enrique Iglesias, according to "Nightline."

Now she's stepping out of the Hollywood dating scene and is seeing Nick Loeb, a Florida businessman. As far as how serious it is, Sofia said, "I don't think anyone wants to see Gloria pregnant."


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