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Sources confirm to Wonderwall that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are headed toward reconciling.

"Ever since coming face to face last week they have been spending a lot of time together," says a friend, adding: "I'm confident they will get back together."

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Although the two aren't officially "back together," Rob and Kristen have never needed relationship titles to know what they have is special.

"He loves her and despite everything, Rob is the person Kristen cares about and loves most," adds a source close to the couple. "They are taking things slow, but it's moving in the right direction."

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But Twihards aren't the only ones happy to see this on-screen, off-screen couple reunite. The studio behind the "Twilight" franchise is also breathing a sigh of relief with less than two month out from the release of "Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2."

"They are both professionals, it would never be a problem, but it sure makes everything a lot easier if the two leads are on speaking terms," joked studio source.