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Water under the bridge? Yeah right! Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag still have a bone to pick with arch-nemesis Lauren Conrad.

In speaking to Complex magazine, the former stars of "The Hills" are again perpetrating those long-standing rumors that LC filmed a sex tape, a rumor that she has vehemently denied.

"Lauren is a cold-hearted killer. That's what people don't get. She will cut you in your sleep," Spencer says. "She tried to destroy us. If you want to throw missiles, I'm throwing a nuke. This is how I operate."

Ever since the reality TV feud began playing out, people were forced to choose sides. Spencer apparently no longer speaks to his sister, Stephanie Pratt, or his mother because of this.

"My mom's a Lauren supporter," he said. "She's like, 'Mark Cuban says on 'Shark Tank' that you shouldn't help your kids.' I'm like, 'Mark Cuban can go jump off a freaking cliff for all I care.'" His mother, he says, also doesn't like that he and Heidi live together in the family house.

The whole mess began before the family even agreed to be on the show, which made it so the couple only had each other to rely on. "They paid off her mom and her sister, who were broke. They were writing them twenty thousand dollar checks to be Team LC," Spencer claims. "They didn't really feel that way," Heidi said, "that was the hardest thing, when everyone else still had their families."