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Uhura probably wishes she had beamed into LAX on her own. Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura on the iconic sci-fi show "Star Trek," was detained at Los Angeles International Airport after law enforcement officials allegedly caught the 81-year-old's travel companion with drugs in his luggage, reports TMZ.

Authorities discovered "meth and drug scales" after the companion companion's suitcase spilled open in the American Airlines terminal, the site reported. The companion's luggage, which had Nichols' luggage tags on it, was reportedly attached to the actress' bags.

After the discovery, the man was allegedly arrested for drug possession.

According to Nichols' rep, her companion, who was identified as a male in his twenties, has been serving as her assistant. Nichols' rep also denied the allegations and said that all authorities found was an e-cigarette.

The authorities briefly detained the former '60s television star but concluded that she was innocent of any wrongdoing. After being cleared, the 81-year-old actress boarded the flight solo.

Maybe she can travel with Captain Kirk next time?