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"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans found herself in a familiar situation on Feb. 24: in handcuffs.

The reality star was pulled over in South Carolina for driving on a suspended license and was held on bond before being released from the Long Detention Center two hours later, according to The Sun News in Myrtle Beach.

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After being released, Jenelle took to social media to try to set the record straight or at least clarify what happened.

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"How r u going to suspended my license becuz a seat belt ticket was paid 3 days late back in 2013 ?!" she tweeted.

She followed that up by tweeting, "Soooo the NC DMV suspends my license last month then doesn't tell me?! Niiiiice. Got my license back tho."

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The arrest is Jenelle's 11th. Yes, 11th, and she's only 23! Her past arrests have been for everything from drug possession to assault.