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Rolling with the punches. That's pretty much how Teresa Giudice is handling her prison sentence.

"She's doing as well as can be expected for the situation," her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga told Us Weekly. "You know, she's doing well for what's going on."

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Teresa is now nearly 4 months into her 15-month prison sentence for fraud. It's believed that she will actually get out a few months early, however, perhaps around Christmas time this year.

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"She exercises after every meal," Joe Giudice, Teresa's husband, revealed. "It's like a low-budget spa. They do spin class, ab classes.... She's getting pretty ripped up!"

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She's also found her niche in the kitchen in the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Conn. "The inmates love it because she's an amazing cook," and some have even asked Teresa for recipes, a source told the magazine.

After Teresa's release, her husband, Joe, will begin his 41-month prison stint for fraud.