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He's currently in the middle of a divorce settlement battle with his second wife, but it turns out that Terrence Howard doesn't have a third wife -- at least not any more.

It was revealed that Mira Pak secretly filed divorce paperwork in March while she was pregnant with her and Terrance's first child, son Qirin, who was born in May.

Mira cited irreconcilable differences in the petition and claimed that couple actually separated in August 2014, right about the time Qirin was conceived.

She asked for joint custody of Qirin in the divorce filing, which was obtained by the New York Daily News.

The former couple tied the knot in October 2013 in Canada. Earlier this week, the "Empire" star's court battle with Michelle Ghent ended with closing arguments. Terrence is trying to overturn his 2012 settlement with second wife due to claims she extorted him. It was during the court hearing of this case that the public became aware of Terrence's fourth divorce (he married and divorced his first wife Lori McCommas twice.)

While questioning Terrence, a lawyer for his second wife surprisingly referred to Mira as the actor's "ex-wife," a shock considering their child was recently born and because she was by her ex-husband's side just last week.

The news broke as the actor was asked about a phone call he had with his second wife, just days after marrying his third wife.

The divorce, while not recent news to him, is just another personal issue that Terrence has to deal with, although he did that privately, as evidenced by the fact that this news just came out publicly. Still, Terrence believes his ongoing court battle has "exposed" him and that his privacy has been violated.

"Sad that this has to be on a public forum," he said, remarking that the proceedings are not a criminal trial. "It's a family law, it should be family law, it should be protected."

"To have your personal life exposed between family and shared with the public, I think is a violation of our privacy, and of our constitutional rights," he continued. "It needs to be reformed."

As it pertains to his court battle, a judge is set to rule on that on Aug. 24.