@zachbraff / Instagram 1 / 8
@zachbraff / Instagram 1 / 8

Amazing ab alert!

Zach Braff took to Instagram on Wednesday lifting his shirt and showing off a snap of his impressive abs. Adding the caption, "Less booze, more gym," Zach seems pretty proud of the hard work he's putting in to get that hard body.

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Typically known for his comedic chops and not so much for having an insane six pack, it's safe to say his advice to put down the other type of six pack must be working.

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But this isn't Zach's first foray into ab flashing on social media. In July 2013 the former "Scrubs" star tweeted another shirtless picture, this time attempting to land a role in "Magic Mike XXL." Zach captioned the picture "Dear @channingtatum when are auditions for Magic Mike 2?"

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While back then he didn't quite have the right type of body for the gig, it's clear these days he would blend right in with the cast.