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Spencer Pratt sparked pregnancy speculation about his wife, Heidi Montag, this week after he started tweeting out baby names.

"Impossible picking baby names because every name reminds me of someone I don't like," he tweeted on Feb. 7. For two days, Speidi fans clamored as to whether the former "Hills" stars were expecting their first child together.

Turns out, the couple, who's been married for nearly 8 years, is not.

After the initial tweet, fans immediately started messaging baby name ideas to the one-time reality TV villain, many of which he dismissed in somewhat humorous ways. For example, when a man named Jamie suggested the name Jamie, Spencer wrote, "For a girls name that could work;" when a woman named Stella suggested Stella, he zinged, "[Trying to] get a name that someone famous like you doesn't already have."

The couple's famous moniker "Speidi" is on the list, he added.

More people pressed him on whether Heidi was actually pregnant, to which he said multiple times, "Hopefully soon."

When a United Kingdom media outlet wondered on Twitter if the duo was pregnant, Heidi tweeted back: "Not yet..."

Perhaps Spencer quelled all the baby talk on Thursday, Feb. 9.

"My bad didn't realize you needed a baby to start thinking about names," Spencer wrote on Twitter.

The couple has had babies on the brain for a few years. In 2015, while appearing on WE TV's "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," Heidi spoke openly of her desire to procreate, but her husband was not as into it. He admitted to "baby blocking."

During an October 2016 interview with Faithwire, Heidi again said she wanted to be a mother.

"You know, I had to pray to get my husband to even … agree to have a kid, and so this whole journey over the last few years … I have had to do," she said. "You know, it's not so easy, not everyone can just have kids whenever they want. There is a lot of hardship and prayers and certain things you have to put into that."