Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are about to break a record of a different sort, that of crossing the 7-year mark since their divorce proceedings began - and according to TMZ, there is no end anytime soon.


The former First Lady of California, filed for divorce back on July 1, 2011, after it was revealed that the former Governor of California, had fathered a child, Joseph Baena, with their housekeeper.

With no reported custody battles over their four children, two minors at the time of the filing, Patrick 17, and Christopher, 13, as they went right into joint custody. Christopher is now 20 years old so there hasn't been an issue with regard to custody in years.

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At the time, reports TMZ, there was about $400 million to split amongst the pair that reportedly began dating back in 1982 and then married in '86 - no prenup despite her being a Kennedy.

Sources close to "The Terminator" star and the former TV news anchor, tell TMZ that while there were hiccups along the way in banging out a 50/50 settlement, there were no major blocks.

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TMZ sources add that Arnold has shown no real interest in making the divorce final. And, as for Maria, she's up and down about it, but mostly just letting it rest. Also, they are not getting back together apparently, and when things get right down to it, both are unwilling to make the final move to end things legally.

At this point, the 7-year mark, it's looking as if things may just keep on going.