Michael Rozman / Warner Bros. 1 / 16
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros. 1 / 16

At this point, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner must be starting to get comfortable discussing their split with the world.

Given each of the actors' promotional responsibilities these days - Ben, for his starring role in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and Jen for her turn in "Miracles From Heaven" - dodging media appearances is out of the question.

Luckily, the estranged couple seems to be making the best of their situation and soldiering forward with a committed focus on the needs of their kids.

Ellen DeGeneres, who welcomed Ben to her show on March 16, praised her guest right off the bat for his and Jen's conviction to co-parenting Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Samuel, 4.

"So I know it's been kind of a challenging year, obviously. And I what I love and I think what everybody loves is that you and Jen are putting the kids first and that we see you with the kids all the time and I think that's the most important thing and the most important message to send everybody," Ellen said.

"Absolutely, ya know. We're good friends and we're doing our best and our kids are fabulous and we're working our best for them," said Ben, echoing sentiments he expressed in a recent New York Times interview.

"Jen's great. She's a great person. We're on great terms," he told the paper, adding that she'd opened up about their plans to divorce to Vanity Fair because "she wanted to discuss it and get it out there and get it over with."

"She's allowed to talk about it," he added.

In discussing why he took on "Batman," Ben told Ellen a lot of the decision had to do with his children.

Whereas previous big-screen takes on the superhero have been dark, R-rated scenarios, Ben appreciated that this version would be more kid-friendly - especially in light of the movies he's done recently, like "Gone Girl" and "Argo."

"I haven't done anything that my kids could see for a long time, I thought that would be kind of cool," he said.

"My son thinks it's cool. My son thinks it's really cool. He came to the set. He was a little bit suspicious, too. He was like, 'Is that the real Superman?' … 'Yes, he is. That's more or less about as real as it gets. That's the real Superman,'" he recalled with a smile.

"When I'd leave, he'd be like, 'Dad, are you going to the Batcave?' I can't [let him down]. I'm like, 'Yes, I am.' Eventually he's going to be in therapy, like, 'You lied to me! There's no Batcave!'"

As he spoke, it occurred to Ben that his son might also figure out he was taping "Ellen" that day, not fighting crime.

"He thinks I'm in the Batcave now," he said.

Uh-oh ...