Don't believe everything you read on the Interwebs.

That's the message Blake Shelton was sending out on Twitter after Perez Hilton reported folks were giving away free tickets ahead of Gwen Stefani's July 12, Mansfield, Massachusetts, concert as a means of filling up the Xfinity Center (via Us Weekly).

"That's right everybody," Blake tweeted the day after the show, sharing photos of the cheering crowd inside the ampitheater. "No matter how good your eye site is @gwenstefani show was 'empty' last night."

The country star was pro-active with his Twitter support for Gwen the night of the show, too, sharing a pic from backstage with the caption, "I am a terrible photographer but this is an epic thing to see!!!"

The concert marked the opening of Gwen's This Is What the Truth Feels Like road stint -- her first major tour in almost 10 years -- and her main squeeze was not about to let some gossip blogger bring the energy down.

Blake started pumping up fans for the big kickoff a few days before it even started, tweeting, "Hey Boston … I'm here watching @gwenstefani rehearsal right now. Prepare yourselves for greatness!!!" on July 11.

Among the many other supportive sentiments he posted was the characteristically humble tweet, "Wish I could get that many THOUSANDS of people to come see me on a Tuesday night."

When a fan pointed out some critics had indicated the fact that the venue dropped ticket prices right before the show meant sales were poor, Blake joked, "Yeah but there's no story if you mention that part."

After the concert, he kept on tweeting, asking fans what their favorite part of the concert was and telling them he loved "Don't Speak," the hit Gwen wrote back in the '90s about the end of her relationship with her No Doubt bandmate Tony Kanal.

While she played plenty of oldies-but-goodies from her early days with No Doubt at the tour opener, Gwen also performed material from her new solo album, much of which was inspired by the turmoil she suffered as a result of her split from Gavin Rossdale.

According to a Los Angeles Times review of the Massachusetts show, the singer made no secret of the fact that some songs were about Gavin, either. During "Red Flag," a track that details clues about a partner's infidelity, she reportedly announced, "This is your payback," as if speaking directly to her ex.

Of course, things have been sunnier in Gwen's love life since she fell for her "Voice" co-star last year. If you need proof, look no further than the tour-hashtagged IG post Gwen opted to share from backstage at the Xfinity Center:

#thisiswhatthetruthfeelslike Gx

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Love is real, y'all.