Cardi B's fiance and baby daddy, Offset, was relatively unharmed in a car accident that completely totaled his car.

TMZ reported that the Migos rapper smashed his Dodge Challenger on May 16 in Atlanta and was taken to a medical center for minor injuries. He's already been released from the hospital.

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Law enforcement told the website that neither police nor medical personnel were called to the crash and no accident report was taken. Cardi reportedly rushed to Offset's side after hearing about the accident. The predominant speculation is that this was a single car accident, as nobody called police.

Photos of the green muscle car show the front end completely smashed in.

It's been a rough month for Offset. Not only did he total his car, but earlier this month his $150,000 chain was stolen from a New York City hotel room. The rapper wore the high-priced chain to the Met Gala on May 7.

Authorities are still reportedly checking surveillance cameras near the elevator banks of the hotel to see if they can spot the crook. The theft would be considered grand larceny based on the value of the item.

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"Cardi B actually broke the bad news to Offset," TMZ said at the time. "He'd left the chain on the table Tuesday before flying back to Atlanta -- and later, Cardi called to tell him the jewelry was missing."