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Celine Dion said her last goodbye and put her husband, Rene Angelil, to rest on Jan. 22.

Thousands of family, friends and fans gathered at Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica, the same church where the couple got married in 1994, to bid Rene adieu -- which was also livestreamed.

Rene passed away on Jan. 14 after a long battle with cancer.

Clad in all-black, including a black veil, Celine was joined by her three sons, Rene-Charles, 14, and 5-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy, as she listened to the two-hour service from the front row of the church.

She was seen shaking a priest's hand toward the end.

Prior to the funeral, the family entered the church with a solemn Celine holding her two youngest children's hands. Rene-Charles held onto the arm of Celine's widowed mother.

Inside, Rene's black casket rested on a carrier next to Celine and her family. The songstress placed flowers on top of casket. Rene-Charles placed a pillow on the casket.

After the service began, Rene-Charles spoke briefly to the thousands of mourners.

"Dad, I promise you here that we are all going to live up to your standards," he said before leaving the altar and embracing his mother who held onto lilies.

Attendees also listened to Rene's grown son Patrick, who spoke in French.

The touching service ended a bit like a concert, with thunderous applause for Celine and her family, as they escorted Rene's casket down the long aisle of the church. Celine's music played overhead.

Fans lined up for hours to watch the arrivals, braving below-freezing temperatures. The street where the church is located was blocked off to regular traffic.

According to People magazine, every seat inside was topped with a mini-pack of tissues and a program written primarily in French. It reads in part: "According to his wishes, all of Celine's songs were chosen by Rene. Those include: 'Trois Heures 20,' 'L'Amour Existe Encore' and 'All the Way.'"

The back of the program featured a throwback photo of Celine and her husband.

In honor of Rene, Canadian flags are flying at half-mast on all government buildings, a rare honor, especially for someone not in politics or the military. Rene received an official state funeral.

At an open-casket wake for Rene on Jan. 21, which attracted thousands, Celine told People, "The support we've received has been such a blessing."