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Christina Aguilera is gearing up for season 10 of "The Voice," working on her latest album, and raising her two kids, son Max and daughter Summer, but she's still carving out time to bring awareness to causes close to her heart. recently caught up with Christina to discuss her involvement with HopeLine From Verizon, a program working to help victims of domestic violence, and catch up on everything currently on the busy superstar's plate.

At the forefront of her varied ventures? Her upcoming eighth studio album. Christina explained, "I'm mainly focused on my music right now and trying to finish that up and proceeding to work and accumulate with different producers and so far it's going amazing. I'm just making sure I have time to let things simmer and cook in the pot so that the outcome is really the best that it can be."

Though she remained tight lipped about most of the details on her latest album, Christina offered up one very exciting bit of news: She'll be reuniting with producer Linda Perry, who she teamed up with on her 2002 album, "Stripped."

"I'm working with some new producers that I haven't before. And I'm reuniting with some old producers that I have always had a long time connection with, including Linda Perry who I did 'Beautiful' with. We have such a beautiful chemistry and connection," Christina shared, speaking of the song that won her a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2004.

On whether or not she could give any specific music details, the star opted to remain mysterious, but delivered a promising guarantee: "Nothing specific but, greatness in store! I wish I could say a little bit more but I kind of really love the element of surprise."

Aside from the promise of new music, fans will see Christina return to the small screen for season 10 of "The Voice" next year. And she's optimistic about her team's chances, sharing, "We pre-taped season 10 already - at least the blinds anyway - back in October, so I already have my full team for next season and I'm really excited. It could be the season! But we'll see!"

Ironically, one person who doesn't tune into NBC's hit talent show is Christina herself! The star not only hasn't been keeping up on the current ninth season, but doesn't even watch her own seasons, admitting, "I really don't. I don't watch when I'm on it either. I don't watch the show, I live it."

Despite not tuning in, she has nothing but lovely things to say about the series. "I take breaks for a reason so that I can come back refreshed and new and open minded and interested in every season that I do. 'The Voice' is very supportive of all of us as artists needing to lead our own lives, and come back to a family whenever we want to or we're ready."

But that's not to say the star doesn't make time for certain TV shows. Xtina is surprisingly a huge fan of a series that's a guilty pleasure for the rest of us. "I definitely get into some of the 'Real Housewives 'for sure, it's just light and easy and it's a good release from when you're having a crazy day. You're like, I thought my life was crazy, check this out! It's really fun to dish with your friends about that stuff."

Last year she popped up on another hit primetime series, ABC's "Nashville," which she said came about at a serendipitous time. "Years ago I'm not sure I would have been interested in 'Nashville' but in the time and place that it was last year, it was the perfect time for me."

As far as any other shows she'd like to grab a guest starring role on? "I'm always sort of interested and open to new experience so, I don't know. Maybe 'Empire'!"

For now, Christina is also keeping busy by helping out one of her primary causes. On her work with the organization, HopeLine from Verizon, Christina explained why she chooses to champion the cause of domestic violence. "Having been brought up in a household where I experienced my own form of that, being surrounded by neighbors who were also going through a lot of violence and things like that, it definitely affected my life and the way I view things and how my future panned out," Christina shared. "I think it's so important to empower women, since this is such a predominantly hush hush topic, it happens in the home, people don't like to talk about it, there's a lot of shame around it. It's very important to me to use my voice in any way I can. I've written songs about it, it's great that Verizon contributes to this cause and helps so many. And HopeLine helps every kind of outlet for domestic violence, getting people back on their feet again, with jobs and counseling, there's so many different ways to help."

For those that are inspired by Christina's story and want to get involved, the singer explained the easy way they can help, which is "just by purchasing a prepaid phone package by Verizon at any Walmart! All the support will go into these people that need the help so badly."

The bighearted superstar is more than happy to lend her support and help others realize the importance of providing support to those affected by domestic violence. "I'm really excited to be a part of such a great cause."

HopeLine is a phone donation and grant giving program that supports domestic violence organizations across the country. By collecting used wireless phones, chargers and accessories in any condition, from any service provider, HopeLine turns these items into support for domestic violence awareness and prevention organizations. For its part, Verizon is donating wireless phones, complete with minutes and test messaging, to domestic violence shelters and non-profit organizations for victims and survivors to use. To learn more visit