Denise Richards has long been the subject of plastic surgery speculation, but she says she's a natural woman, with the exception of one thing…. well, two things, actually.

"It is funny to me on social media people are saying I have had so much plastic surgery," she told The Daily Telegraph. "I have only done my boobs and I am very open and honest about that."


The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star urged her critics to look up old photos of her to prove that she hasn't gone under the knife.

"I have had the same nose if people look it up, and the lips. I don't do Botox or fillers," she said. "And when people watch the show, my face moves, so much that it is distracting actually. I am with these beautiful women who look flawless all the time and I don't do that stuff."

Denise's costars have been quite candid about their surgical procedures, including Lisa Rinna, who Denise credits with encouraging her to do the hugely popular reality show.

"I am in a place where I've been through a lot and I am on the other side of it and thought that it would be fun," she said. "Talking to (co-star) Lisa Rinna actually is what really encouraged me to do it."

Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

When Denise first joined "Housewives" for its current season, there were murmurs that her ex-husband Charlie Sheen could potentially make appearances, especially considering they share two daughters together, Sam and Lola. Denise, who married Aaron Phypers in September, said she'd "welcome" that.

"If [Charlie] ever wants to come around, he is welcome to, I have a good relationship with him," she said. "People I think don't realize we've been divorced for over 13 years ... I've moved on but we will always be connected and we have children together. I will always be friendly with him."