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Despite civil ceremony, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin don't consider themselves truly married yet: Report

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin went through with a civil wedding ceremony in September barely three months after they rekindled their on-off romance, People and TMZ have both reported.


But despite the union being legal, the couple — who only got engaged in July — won't consider themselves really, truly married until they have a religious wedding ceremony, claims TMZ. "We're told they believe a church ceremony is necessary to make the marriage meaningful in the eyes of God," TMZ wrote in an Oct. 3 report.

That might explain why Hailey, 21, took to Twitter on Sept. 14 to publicly deny reports claiming she and Justin, 24, had gotten married during a visit to a New York City courthouse on Sept. 13. "I understand where the speculation is coming from, but I'm not married yet!" she tweeted. It gave credence to reports speculating that she and Justin had secured a marriage license at the courthouse but hadn't gone through with a wedding. TMZ reports that Justin and Hailey also privately were denying that they were married.

But on Sept. 30, Justin made things even more confusing when he "very graciously introduced Hailey as his wife," Stratford Perth Museum officials wrote on Instagram, the Windsor Star reported, when they visited the Canadian museum to check out an exhibit about Justin's life.


According to TMZ, Justin and Hailey are planning to have a formal religious wedding ceremony early in 2019. Upstate New York (Hailey's parents live in the state) or Ontario, Canada (where Justin's from) are the locations they're considering.

But it still begs the question: If they don't consider themselves husband and wife until they have a Christian wedding ceremony, why did they decide to make things legal at the courthouse last month? Especially since they took the plunge legally without a prenuptial agreement in place, TMZ reports.

Speculation that emerged on Oct. 2 suggests that Hailey and Justin could be starting a family sooner rather than later. The pop star's dad, Jeremy Bieber, posted a photo on Instagram on Oct. 2 that shows him curled up with Justin and his other kids, who are very young. Jeremy captioned the shot, "To be Father #Bieber's," a tag that some Beliebers interpreted as a hint that Hailey is pregnant.

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To be Father #Bieber's

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Jeremy also tweeted about the photo, writing, "Nothing touches having all your kids together. 3 generations. #ProudFather." It's possible, of course, that Jeremy — who has four kids with three different women — simply misused the word "generations."

Picture perfect?

Britney Spears posts fourth topless picture in a week on Instagram

Britney Spears is again baring it all, but fans are beginning to wonder if something more sinister is at play. 

On July 23, the pop star shocked her 32.7 million Instagram followers when she posted a topless image with only her hands covering her breasts. Four days later, she posted a similar image. On July 29, a third topless image was shared. A similar photo also went up on Friday night, July 30. Britney captioned all the snapshots only with emojis.

While fans initially praised Britney for her daring posts, many have changed their tune and now fear that the snaps could haunt her concerning her conservatorship case

"Sooooo, no one thinks her account is getting trolled by someone else to manipulate her case…," one fan commented.

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A slew of others mentioned being "concerned" about the posts and the singer. Others said this fourth post seemed "suspicious."

"I feel these are private and being posted without her consent," another person said after the July 30 image was shared. 

Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Britney has been very active on Instagram this week. Just before her newest topless post, she posted a meme that appears to be a direct shot at those involved in her conservatorship case. 

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"If standing up for yourself burns a bridge, I have matches. We ride at dawn," the message said. 

The wording appears to refer to everyone involved in her case, but mainly her father and her family, of whom she's not minced words of late.

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Around the same time all these posts went up, Britney had a little fun, sharing fan art of herself and Cher eating ice cream in St-Tropez in France, a reference to an exchange the women had on social media last week

"Maybe I'll just be nice and plant here and keep my dreams alive by thinking about visiting St. Tropez with @cher and eating ice cream… She was one of my favorite singers as a kid and I loved to dress up as her," Britney wrote on Instagram. The following day, the "Believe" icon saw the message and responded. "When #FreeBritney is FINALLY FREE, I'm Taking her to San Tropez & We'll Eat Ice Cream To Her Hearts Content."

Day one

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively celebrate 10th anniversary of first date

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are going back to the beginning. 

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

On Saturday night, the couple had dinner at their favorite restaurant, O Ya in Boston, which was the site of their very first date. The couple shared several images on their Instagram Stories to document the occasion.

"If it weren't for this place, we wouldn't be together. No joke," Blake sincerely wrote. "No restaurant means more to us."

Blake Lively /Instagram

She also posted another smiling image with her husband, writing, "10 years later. We still go out on our 'first date.' But in much more comfortable shoes."

Ryan, to no surprise, took a little more humorous route, initially sharing a selfie with Blake, saying they were at their "favorite restaurant" with his wife's "4th favorite person." Two hours later, he posted a similar image, but this one less cropped.

"Posting this again because I cut out my wife's cute earrings. She trained me better than this," he hilariously wrote. "Sorry if I let anyone down."

Blake reposted the uncropped image after reposting the faux apology, commenting, "That's better."

Ryan Reynolds/Instagram

Ryan and Blake met while filming 2011's "Green Lantern," which was a box office flop. Warner Bros. had initially planned to make "Green Lantern" a franchise, but plans were scrapped due to the negative reviews and the film's severe underperformance.

Hot look

Chrishell Stause rocks jaw-dropping pink bikini after debuting new romance

Chrishell Stause is pretty in pink. 

On Aug. 1, the "Selling Sunset" star stunned while posing in a hot pink bikini during a Greek vacation. In the Instagram image, the reality TV star stood next to oversized bottle of vodka. As she was surrounded by neutral colors, the cute pink swimsuit (and light pink nails) perfectly popped.

"'Trust me, you can dance!' -Vodka," she joked in her caption. 

While many fans chuckled at her joke, the majority of them awed at her gorgeous look and enviable body. 

Hannah Ann Sluss of "Bachelor" fame commented with four fire emojis. Other fans left heart emojis or swimsuit emojis or sweating emojis. Her 2.1 million followers threw out words such as "beautiful" and "gorgeous."


The sun-kissed look comes just days after Chrishell debuted her hot new romance with "Selling Sunset" co-star and boss Jason Oppenheim, the co-founder of The Oppenheim Group, the high-end real estate brokerage firm at the center of their hit Netflix reality show.

On July 28, Chrishell raised eyebrows when she took to Instagram to share a slideshow of photos from a vacation with several of her castmates. The slideshow included a shot of the former soap star kissing her boss on the head and a sweet shot of him nuzzling her neck. 

Jason's brother Brett seemed to confirm the romance in the comment's section, writing, "Love you Chrishell. Thank you for making my brother happy." His girlfriend, Tina Louise, wrote, "Awwwww!!!! Congratulations you guys!! Finally IG official."

In the wake of the Instagram images, Jason publicly confirmed that he and Chrishell are dating.

implants are out!

Clare Crawley gives update after removing breast implants

For Clare Crawley, less is more… at least when it comes to her chest. 

Over the weekend, the former "Bachelorette" star announced that she had successfully removed her breast implants, something she has planned to do for months. 

"Surgery is officially done + I am on the road to healing!," she wrote on Instagram while also thanking her doctors. "It wasn't an easy decision, but they truly are the most compassionate team who truly want to help women like me heal from BII (Breast Implant Illness). On top of that, having the overwhelming support and love from family and friends has just meant the world to me."

She added, "Having you all give me a boost when my brain has slipped into moments of doubt, truly lifted me up. And so I will continue to pass It on to anyone else who needs to hear this… our body shape does not define us or make us any less lovable or worthy. We are perfectly made just the way we are!"

On her Instagram Story, the reality TV star said she felt "amazing" and had not taken any pain medication.


The surgery wasn't a surprise, as Clare had previously said she was getting her implants removed due to health issues she's been experiencing. 

"My body is fighting [my implants]," she said in July. "My body can't heal. My body is in fight mode constantly."

Just a few days before the surgery, she opened up about her flawed decision to get implants in the first place — and also why she's so proud to remove them now.

"As a child of sexual abuse, my young adult years were spent in unhealthy relationships feeling unworthy of the good ones. It was a vicious cycle, because the more I chose the wrong men who treated me poorly, the more I believed I wasn't good enough," she said. "Enter the breast implants. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to get them, but the truth is it was money that would have been better spent on therapy to heal my wounded heart. I ended up spending the money on therapy anyway."

Now though, she's "a woman who has learned to love herself deeply on the inside, knows her worth, and will fight for herself no matter what."

"I've learned the toxicity that these implants can cause on our bodies, as it has done to mine. So I am stepping away from something that no longer serves me… not my heart, and certainly not my health," she continued. "We are taking it back to Clare 1.0, who is lovable and worthy just the way she is."

marriage secrets

Chris Hemsworth's wife reveals secret to their picture-perfect marriage

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth's marriage is no laughing matter… actually, it is.


While speaking with Hola! magazine recently, the actress says humor is a central component of their lives.

"We enjoy doing the same stuff and Chris has a great sense of humor and knows how to take the sting out of things," she said. "He always makes me and the kids laugh or when I'm angry, he tells a joke to lighten the mood. Humor counts for a lot. More than anything, I enjoy laughing with him."

The couple and their children —  India, 9 , and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha, 7 — have also settled into a lifestyle that works for them. That lifestyle is surrounded by nature, not skyscrapers.

Cringing at the family's recent move to Sydney for work, Elsa said, "I definitely couldn't live in [a city] again. It's not for me."

The children, she said, struggled with "all the traffic" in Sydney, as they're used to the more laidback Bryon Bay, where they family primarily resides.

"The children were longing to revert back to being barefoot savages," she said. "This is where we belong, where my children have grown up."

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

The move to Sydney is only temporary while Elsa and Chris work on separate projects. 

"It's a whole new experience… I can't dress down as much as I do in Byron Bay – we hope to get back there on the weekends," she told The Sydney Morning Herald. "Byron has been beautiful. We made the right decision in 2014 to leave [Los Angeles] and come to Australia – it's been great for the kids to be in nature, enjoy animals and go horse riding." 

Ex fight

Shannon Beador and ex feud over daughter's 'Housewives' presence

Shannon Beador and her ex-husband have reached a boiling point in their battle over their minor daughter's appearances on "The Real Housewives of Orange County."

In short, she wants the girl's lives documented in front of cameras, whereas he doesn't.

Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock

Shannon, who shares three daughters with David Beador (two of whom are under 18,) filed emergency documents in court asking a judge to allow her two 17-year-old daughters to continue filming the reality TV show, The Blast reported. 

In the filing, Shannon says Bravo is ready to begin filming the show but wants access to the teens and her house. 

"The filming of the Show is my primary career and is part of and supportive of my primary income source, for which I use said income to care for my children. If my children do not film on the show, I will be in violation of my contract and will lose my job, and thus my ability to earn income," she said. 


The longtime "Housewives" star also included a letter from show producers in which they say Shannon would get the axe if cameras can't roll freely inside the home.

"Quite simply, then, without any access to Shannon's children, we are not able to document Shannon's life, and therefore she will not have satisfied the contingencies in her agreement with us and we will not be able to have her on the show going forward," the letter said.

David, though, believes the minor girl's involvement in the show could have ramifications in regard to his new marriage. While he does admit that he allowed the girls to participate in the show in year's past, he claims things are "much different" now. David argues that he wants to "protect and not expose" his "new family" to reality TV.

"My current wife also has two other children of her own that do not need to have their mother exposed to possible disparaging comments made about our family on national television," he says in the legal docs. 


In the event that Shannon stays on as a "Housewives" cast member, David is insisting that she make no disparaging comments about him or his wife on the show.

"I find it very troubling that these proposed limitations are not acceptable with the (Shannon) and/or her counsel considering the fact that (Shannon) and I both have joint legal custody. It is also concerning to me that these narrowly tailored limitations are not acceptable with the (Shannon) and/her counsel because it gives me the feeling that she does in fact intend on referencing either myself, my new wife, and our new daughter during the filming of this 16th season. This Is absolutely not acceptable to me," he wrote.

Great news!

Bob Odenkirk gives update on condition after 'small heart attack'

Just days after collapsing on the set of "Better Call Saul" after a "small heart attack," Bob Odenkirk is appreciative and back to his jovial self.

Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

"Hi.  It's Bob. Thank you. To my family and friends who have surrounded me this week. And for the outpouring of love from everyone who expressed concern and care for me.  It's overwhelming. But I feel the love and it means so much," he tweeted on July 30. "I had a small heart attack. But I'm going to be ok thanks to Rosa Estrada and the doctors who knew how to fix the blockage without surgery. Also, AMC and SONYs support and help throughout this has been next-level. I'm going to take a beat to recover but I'll be back soon."

The tweet came after Bob's pal David Cross conveyed that the two-time Emmy winner was recovering nicely.

"Just got off the phone with Bob and he's doing great! Joking and japing and joshing," David tweeted.

Gary Gershoff/WireImage

It's believed that the the actor is still at a New Mexico hospital.

"Both he and his family are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and concern everyone has shown," David said of his friend. "You will be hearing from him soon. But he's doing really well!!!"

Just two days earlier things seemed to be going in the right direction when David also tweeted simply, "Bob won."

Things were scary earlier this week when the actor was rushed to the hospital after collapsing on the set of the show

For a full 24 hours, little was publicly known about the actor's condition. On July 28, TMZ claimed "it did not look good" in the early goings, even saying it was "touch and go." Eventually, Bob's condition improved. 

Bob's rep also issued a statement once he was said to be out of the woods. 

"Bob and his family would like to express gratitude for the incredible doctors and nurses looking after him, as well as his cast, crew and producers who have stayed by his side," the statement said. "The Odenkirks would also like to thank everyone for the outpouring of well wishes and ask for their privacy at this time as Bob works on his recovery."

Troll takedown

'Bachelorette' rips trolls after sharing lingerie pic

Score one for Katie Thurston. Score none for online trolls.

On July 29, the "Bachelorette" posted a sexy lingerie image to Instagram, captioning it with nothing more than a heart emoji. In the snap, Katie donned a lacy black bra and matching underwear while laying on top of a bed.

The image send hearts racing to the vast majority of her followers, but not everyone seemed pleased (or rather, they did not accept this rose pose). 

"Really, why do you feel like this is appropriate? Save this for your husband not the whole world," one laptop warrior said. Katie noticed the comment and fired back. 

"Are you talking about my torso? Should I also avoid swimming pools and beaches?" she asked, according to Page Six. She added, "I'm not ashamed of my body. I celebrate it."

Another troll brought up Katie's deeply personal reveal on "Bachelorette" this season in which described being sexually assaulted a decade ago. 

"Imagine crying about being sexually assaulted and you post this," someone wrote, followed by laughing emojis.

"Your comment is saying that my body caused the sexual assault instead of the [sic] placing blame on the person who actually committed the act," Katie retorted. "And this is what's wrong with our society. Did my body cause him to forget what consent means?"

Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

The haters were certainly in the minority, as most fans lauded the reality TV star. The picture was called "jaw dropping," and "fire" by Bachelor Nation diehards. Several people noted that Kate's picture inspired them to workout. One joked, "Slowly puts lid back on the Pringles container."

Perhaps the most accurate comment came via a play on Katie's last name, as one follower called her "KATIE THURSTTRAP."

Transphobic remarks

Kelly Dodd apologizes for transphobic remarks in Cameo video

Stop us if you heard this before: Kelly Dodd is apologizing after some controversial remarks.

The former "Real Housewives of Orange County" star came under fire this week after making some transphobic remarks during a Cameo video.


"This is Jennifer 'she/her.' I don't get this," Kelly said in the Cameo video. "You're either a boy or a girl, OK? You're born a girl or a boy. I don't get it. You're Jennifer. I'm sorry."

Elsewhere in the video, Kelly, 45, was also demeaning to her own daughter, referring to her as "lazy."

After the video began ruffling the Internet's feathers, Kelly took to Instagram to apologize and defend her stance, saying she's "not transphobic" but rather "unfamiliar with the language."

"Here's the thing, I've been doing Cameos now for two years and I never saw the pronoun thing before. This was the first time I saw a reference of he/him/she/they/them," she said. "I grew up, I grew up in Arizona with people [who] were born a boy and a girl and maybe a hermaphrodite here and there. But that's how I grew up. I grew up that way and so did everybody in my era. That's what I'm used to."

She continued, "When I was reading the Cameo I saw the pronouns and we'd been drinking and I was just reacting in my own raw and unfiltered way. I want to be very, very clear about this. That I accept everyone for who they are. I accept everyone for who they want to be and who they believe themselves to be and I don't hate on anyone. I'm not transphobic. I was just unfamiliar with the language."

Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

"In the same way people want me to be tolerant of them, I only ask you to be tolerant of me," she said. "I do have very strong opinions and you may not agree with them in the same way that I might not agree with your opinions… If you want me to be tolerant, then you also have to be tolerant of me. That's only fair. I'm learning and I'm growing and maybe you can help me with this." 

Over the past year, Kelly has been ripped multiple times for her thoughts, particularly in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. At one point last year, she called the coronavirus "God's way of thinning out the herd." She also seemed apathetic to lives lost due to COVID a few days later. In the summer, many felt she was mocking the Black Lives Matter protests, as well.

In January 2021, she blamed her social media blunders on "cancel culture."