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Gisele Bundchen was sitting around with several of her friends when a knife flew her direction, slitting her wrist, as blood drained out of her.

That was in 1992.

A childhood friend recalled the accident with the Daily Mail, saying the knife wound "covered her in blood."

"It could have killed her," her pal Cezar Oliviera said. "There was blood everywhere."

A scar apparently still exists on her left wrist, but the supermodel is believed to have covered it with a star tattoo.

As Cezar recalls, the future supermodel was sitting with a group of friends eating oranges, passing around a knife to cut the fruit.

"It came to Gisele's turn to eat and for some reason the boy with the knife decided to throw it at her," the friend said. "The blade pierced her wrist and cut her quite badly. She yelled out in pain straight away."

Gisele ran to Cezar's nearby home in southern Brazil.

"She was hurt quite badly and was screaming because of all the blood. She was covered," he said. "It did leave a scar and she later had a star tattoo on her wrist which I think was to cover it up."

Thankfully, the accident had little lasting consequences. Little did anyone know that she would go to be one of the most successful models of all time. Last September, Forbes said Gisele took home an astounding $44 million in a one-year time frame, adding that she has made more money than any other model since 2002.

"As kids we would all love to eat cakes baked by my mom," the childhood friend recalled. "Eating bad food was not an issue back then. Obviously not something a future model would enjoy!"

Gisele is retuning to her native land this week, as she'll return to the runway for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Last month, Women's Wear Daily reported that Tom Brady's wife will strut her stuff during the opening ceremony of the Games at Maracanã Stadium. The moment seemed to big for her to pass up.

Gisele's one-time runway walk comes in the same country that she retired in last year. Her final catwalk gig, up until this week, was at the Colcci show during São Paulo Fashion Week in April 2015.