England has a Kardashian family.

Jack Watkin is a 17-year-old rich kid, and he wants us all to see it through Instagram, and he's proving why his family is known as "the British Kardashians" in their town.

The high school student from Cheshire, England has $2.4 million worth of a car collection, thanks to his parents. It includes a Rolls Royce, two Bentleys, two Mercedes-Benz, a Range Rover Vogue and a Porsche.

But it's not just fancy cars. The teen's Instagram is filled with images of expensive watches, shoes and expensive-looking meals.

"I'm used to people being jealous of me — whether they're teenagers or adults! I can handle all the envy," Jack told News Dog Media. "I know my life is different to other teenagers because I'm very blessed. I don't have to worry about jobs and I have unlimited funds."

His dad is a former banker who made his wealth in property development, and Jack explained that he understands the value of money.

"My dad has worked very hard to make sure I can have all these nice things," he said. "Our private jet doesn't just fly itself; our pool doesn't just clean itself; all my cars don't automatically fill themselves with gasoline. My dad has to make the money to do those things. It takes a lot of maintenance."

As for his mom Jo Stringfellow, she knows Jack is spoiled.

"Jack is Jack. He's privileged," she told News Dog Media. "What can you buy a boy like Jack? He has everything — although he would probably like another car!"

Jack reportedly drops as much as $21,000 in a single shopping spree. His favorite designers include Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent and Fendi. And he's charitable with his fashions!

He said, "People should come to the charity shops near me because I donate all my Balmain blazers that are out-of-season to them!"

Jack also credits his luxury lifestyle for making him "more mature than most teenagers."

He added, "I've been able to buy expensive watches and cars all by myself. I can cope with that responsibility unlike other teenagers."

There's no doubting he's unlike other teenagers. Just like the Kardashians, Jack is on board for reality TV.

He will star in "The Majors," a show about wealthy young people, later this year.