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Looks like those "Karate Kid" moves are paying off!

At 17-years-old, Jaden Smith is already boasting a six-pack, and was seen showing off his washboard abs on the beach over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Jaden was spotted emerging from the surf while on vacation - and there's no denying that good genes run in the Pinkett Smith family.

His mom Jada Pinkett Smith, 44, and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, 62, were also photographed looking incredibly fit in their bikinis.

The teen heartthrob stayed active on the trip by surfing the waves with his sister Willow, 15, and their buff dad Will was also there to enjoy family time.

The trip came as a welcome break for Jaden as he's currently filming the upcoming NetFlix show, "The Get Down." He plays the part of a graffiti artist in 1970s New York.

And he also has a book coming out, according to reports.

"Jaden sees himself as a modern-day prophet and is working on a collection of essays," a source told Us Weekly. "They're new takes on string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical."

As for his writing inspiration, it's out of this world.

"Jaden thinks he has spiritual ties to people in other dimensions and galaxies, and they are helping him write," the source added.

Recently, the actor even compared himself to Galileo. "I don't think I'm as revolutionary as Ga­li­leo," he told GQ. "But I don't think I'm not as revolutionary as Galileo."