Justin Bieber is taking a page out of Kim Kardashian's and other celebrity's books and he's going digital.

On June 3, the singer released an emoji line. With many of the emojis, he seems to make fun of himself just about as much as everyone else does, too. Some of them may ruffle a few feathers, but hey, it's just an emoji.

Images show the singer digitalized and holding up a sign that says "no pictures," a dig at himself for his comments last month about no longer wanting to take photos with fans. Another one shows a hoodied Justin holding up a bucket while saying the words "I gotta pee," a clear reference to the infamous incident in which he urinated in a mop bucket.

There are images of him heartbroken (hey Selena!), images of him crying, images of him with eggs on his head (remember when he and his pals egged the neighbor's house) and images of him showing off his toned body... all, of course, in an emoji format.

Nothing seems to be off limits.

The Justmoji app features his tattoos, names of his songs, and also allows users to customized memes featuring the "Sorry" singer.

Currently the app is only for iPhones, but it will be available to Android users next week.

"The #Justmoji app is for all the Beliebers that respect, love and support Justin. Enjoy!" the app's Twitter page said a few hours after all the apps were released.

The app retails for $2.99 and can be found on iTunes.

Like Kim Kardashian, who constantly uses social media to tout her line of emojis, Justin has used his Twitter and Instagram pages to link to the new emojis and their corresponding Twitter page.

Go download link in my bio

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About a gif showing him smiling on a tour bus, the singer commented, "how cute #justmoji."

Welcome to the Belieber's paradise.