GAMR / Fame Flynet 2 / 9
GAMR / Fame Flynet 2 / 9

Fierce and pierced? Kim Kardashian West got multiple piercings this week and they're, well, strange.

The reality star felt no pain with her new accessories either, as she got her hair pierced ... Yes, her hair.

On Thursday, Kim was spotted out with her pal Brittny Gastineau in Beverly Hills, Calif. wearing a somewhat bizarre outfit that showed her rocking braided hair with several rings pierced into it. She also donned an oversized t-shirt from her husband's "The Life of Pablo" pop up store in Paris in June.

The front of Kim's shirt said "Paris" in a triangle-shape near her left breast in gold lettering. The back of the shirt said, "Step up in this b---- like I'm the one your b---- like."

And then there were the ... pants? Truth be told, it doesn't look like she's wearing pants, but rather she's letting the long t-shirt cover her bottom half. (Insert the "If-it-involves-pants-it's-not-happening-today" line here.)

Kanye West's wife also donned lace up boots that went past the bottom of the shirt, giving off the impression she had pants on.

Kim took her odd outfit for a stroll to dinner at at Il Pastaio, where the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star eschewed the strict no-pants policy.

On her Snapchat, Kim spoke about the thigh-high lace-up boots, saying, "Today's vibes, Tom Ford."

In another photo, she took a photo of the boots. Clearly liking her look, she captioned the photo (in third person), "Get it Kim."

She also posted multiple videos of her pierced braids on the social media forum, but didn't comment on the new 'do.

This is fashion, folks.