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Lil Wayne could be in some serious trouble.

The rapper is currently the suspect in an alleged assault in Los Angeles, accused of punching a nightclub bouncer in the face. He could be facing misdemeanor battery charges.

TMZ is reporting that Weezy was hosting a BET awards after party at Hyde nightclub with 2 Chainz when things got physical. The website said that bouncer was working the door at the party and would not let several members of Wayne's entourage into the club.

During an argument between Wayne and the bouncer about the nightclub banishment of his squad, Wayne punched the guy in the face, he claims in a police report.

The doorman went to the hospital and called police from there.

Authorities now want to speak to Wayne about the incident, but he has yet to talk to police. His people, though, say the whole thing was a misunderstanding and remained steadfast that he did not punch anyone.

Sources close to the rapper told the celebrity website that the victim wasn't working the door but was actually working in Wayne's VIP section all night. His people have a far different account of what happened, claiming there was a quick altercation because the bouncer mistakenly grabbed Wayne by the arm, not realizing who it was.

The bouncer, sources told TMZ, later apologized for the skirmish.

It's been a strange month for Wayne. Just a few weeks prior to the alleged assault, his private plane had to make two emergency landings when the rapper began suffering seizures. He was hospitalized for several days in a Nebraska hospital.

What caused the rapper to have those medical episodes isn't completely known, but there is wide speculation that it was caused by his continued drinking of "lean," a drink that mixes prescription strength cough syrup and soda pop. It's usually drank from a Styrofoam cup.

In the past, Wayne has admitted to drinking the concoction, but said he gave it up because of his long history of seizures. However, photos from the evening before the midair seizures show him drinking something out of Styrofoam cup at a nightclub.

It was reported that Wayne ingested "an extraordinary amount of lean" before the seizures on June 13.