Lorde is considering boycotting the Grammys because she was not asked to perform at the show, according to a TMZ report.

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The best album nominee for "Melodrama" was the only female nominated for the award show's highest honors. All of her competitors — Kendrick Lamar, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z and Childish Gambino — were asked to perform solo. The 21-year-old New Zealand native was only offered a spot in the Tom Pretty tribute song, "American Girl." All of the male nominees accepted the offers to perform, except for Jay-Z, who declined to do so.

On Friday, Lorde's mother, Sonja Yelich, tweeted a photo of a New York Times article that noted that of the 899 people nominated in the last six Grammy Awards, only 9% were women. She circled that part of the article, which included a reference to her daughter's nomination in the album of the year category and that she would not be performing.

Now Lorde is considering skipping the show, even though she has been in the city for the weekend, performing at New York's Town Hall for Jack Antonoff's Ally Coalition and as well as MusiCares, because she and Grammy organizers could not come to an agreement about her performing, as she choose not to partake in the Tom Petty tribute.


Shortly before Christmas, Lorde spoke to Billboard and seemed optimistic about the Grammys.

"It's crazy I'm the only woman in my category, and I feel very proud of that," she said. "I'm wearing that mantle for sure. But I'm also stoked that I'm in there with four incredible artists of color -- it's a big moment for the Grammys. It's exciting when these institutions move in the right way. To me, that is a huge victory."

Lorde has been successful at the Grammys in the past. In 2014, she won two awards for her song "Royals," song of the year and best pop solo performance.