Paris Hilton plans to add another title to her already-impressive resume: art exhibitionist.

The newly-single heiress is planning to launch an art show featuring her own art, she told Page Six.

Carlos Tischler/REX/Shutterstock

"I'm putting my art exhibit [together] now," she said. "My art is very futuristic and pop, with neon lights and crystals and collages and painting. I draw animals. It's really inspired by pop culture, it's really different."

While this may sound out of left field for Paris, it's not smart to bet against her. Without many people realizing it, Paris has become a certified tycoon with 50 boutique stores, 19 product lines and 20 fragrances, all while being a highly-paid DJ.

"The most challenging part has been people taking me seriously," she told Plastik magazine last year. "They are always so surprised when I come prepared to meetings and that I am well versed in whatever business venture we are discussing."

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In 2016, the socialite had similar sentiments while speaking with Harper's Bazaar, "For beautiful women, people don't look past that to see they are actually intelligent as well. I love proving people wrong. It's my favorite thing. They always say, 'Wow—I really had no clue.'"

Paris is about to take her talents to TV, as well, as she's set to appear in the Netflix doc "The American Meme."