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So, you think there's drama in Pink and Carey Hart's marriage? Think again!

The singer took to social media on Tuesday, Dec. 6 to address a report that claimed a split was imminent. She blasted the report with humor.

"Apparently @hartluck I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!," she said on Instagram, jokingly adding that her husband "better fix" everything. What he needs to fix, she doesn't know, but "it's obviously BAD," she wrote.

In the pregnant singer's same tongue-in-cheek criticism of her man, she added, "And before you leave can you please teach me how to set the alarm? I can't wait to take over your closet!!!!!!"

Pink's humorous post came alongside a photo of the cover the Australian tabloid New Idea, which showed a pic of the singer and a headline reading, "Pregnant Pink Marriage Split" and another headline said allegedly had her saying "I'll Raise My Babies Alone."

Pink is pregnant with the couple's second child. They currently share 5-year-old daughter Willow Hart. The couple has worked through issues in the past, but seem to be as smitten as ever these days.

In 2006, the couple married, but they've split up twice, although neither ever filed for divorce and they've always managed to reconcile.

In celebrating their 10-year anniversary, Pink spoke to Ellen DeGeneres in May, saying she and her hubby need time apart sometimes.

"We take breaks. We've had two breaks. The first one was about a year, and the second one was 11 months," she said, adding she's "due" for another break from the retired extreme sports star.

On several occasions, she's raved about Carey's fathering skills, telling Ellen he's "incredible dad."

Around the same time, she joked that Carey was like another child.

"I feel like I have two kids right now," she told GMA. "I would like a third. No, I want to say that Carey Hart's an awesome husband and a really good dad, but he's also like a second child."