Rachel Bilson's home was ransacked last week, and burglars made off with upwards of $50,000 in property.

Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

TMZ reported on Oct. 9 that Rachel's home was burglarized on Oct. 6 during a four-hour window in which she was away from home. The website says the actress left her Los Angeles house around 10 AM, only to return to a mess just four hours later. The thieves, TMZ says, likely entered through an unlocked sliding-glass door.

Rachel is still trying to determine what was lost, but it's believed that about $40,000-$50,000 was taken, including expensive shoes and designer handbags.

The "Nashville" actress joins a laundry list of celebrities who have been burglarized recently.

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WEN

Authorities have blamed social media for the trend in celebrity burglaries, as it's believed that burglars monitor Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to determine when stars are away from their homes.

Alanis Morissette, for instance, was burglarized in February 2017, and crooks got away with $2 million in jewelry. Alanis had recently shared images of her valuables online.

Rachel's case appears to be different, as she's not hugely active on social media and rarely shares images of her home and personal property.

Nicki Minaj, Kendall Jenner, Jason DeRulo, David Spade and a slew of other celebrities have also been burglarized recently.