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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been blowing away the public for years as she's graced the covers of hundreds of magazines. But on Monday, it was she who was almost blown away.

The model began posting Snapchat videos from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Monday night as Hurricane Newton began moving closer to where she was staying. On Tuesday, the storm slammed Cabo with 90-mph winds and driving rain, according to weather news agencies.

As the storm approached, Rosie longed for her fiance, Jason Statham.

"Where's my transporter when I need him?" she captioned a photo of the storm approaching from her hotel room. Jason, of course, starred in 2002's "The Transporter" as well as a 2005 sequel.

Jason's lady love continued to document the lead up to landfall. In a video she took of her friend, her friend said of the hurricane: "215 miles southeast of Cabo San Lucas and grinding towards the coast."

In another clip Rosie says: "So we're wondering how many days we're going get stuck in cabo for. S---. The struggle is real."

She was seen asking a hotel working how bad the storm would be. He responded by saying, "Not even one," referencing the category of which hurricanes are judged.

The weather channel reported on Tuesday that Newton was a "high end Category 1" storm, while others have said it was a Category 2. (Category 5 is the most dangerous.)

Rosie made light of her situation, showing a map of where she was along with the weather projections.

"Is that the shape of the hurricane? Like an avocado?," she captioned a photo while showing where she was in the map in comparison the storm's path.

Leading up to Monday night and Tuesday morning, Rosie's Mexican getaway had been the picture of perfection, as she shared several images of her relaxing at the pool or near a luxurious pool.

On Monday afternoon she posted a pic on her Instagram page showing her at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

"Last days of summer...," she told her 6 million Instagram followers.